LOVE – a powerful word with such a deep and special meaning. That’s why it was the right name for our company. We don’t just love what we do, we love everything that has something to do with our work AND our life. We love to be a woman!

Women are strong and passionate. Nothing can stop them. „If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”, Margaret Thatcher said. That is the reason why LOVE was created by a woman for women: for all women who dream, trust and believe in themselves. For all who are brave: these are the ones who are free and powerful.

All of this give women their beauty and elegance. Women give the world what the world needs: Beauty, Love, Trust and Hope!

We believe in women who are strong and just go their own way. Women who love what they do, who have visions and the courage to ask for it and realize it; we believe in high standards, in honesty and curiosity, in loyalty and hard work. We believe in the power of women and also in elegance and style and all the prettiness of femininity.

We believe in all women and in LOVE!




no toxins

not mutagenic

opaque colors

made in Germany




ultimate nail care

diamond dust Base Coat
as a luxury base for your nails




no unnecessary packaging

short transport routes from
from the manufacturer to our head quarter

no animal testing



jobs in Germany and everywhere
we are expanding to

corporate adaptability 
to individual needs