Über mich 01

Never start a business just to make money.
Start a business to make a difference.
- Marie Forleo

Dreamer, believer and a hardworking woman. It is always about the focus. Focus on what you believe in and work hard to get what you want. I believe that you can achieve anything you want in life. 

I personally just love nice things. Pretty things. Everything that has something to do with beauty and elegance. That’s the reason why I studied fashion journalism and media communication instead of psychology. I love anything that has to do with fashion, art and culture. I love to create.

But like a lot of jobs it is not always what it looks like. It turned out that I am really in love with fashion but didn’t want to work in that business. After a while I decided that fashion is my passion but not my mission.

My mission is to create something great for women and always go out of my comfort zone to grow and feel the challenge in my life. Because great things never come from comfort zones. I wanted to create a business for women where every single one can be successful and free to create their own work-life balance. Women need to be supported in their careers and in their personal life. That’s what I want to achieve with this company. A place where every woman can work in a perfect atmosphere and show all their female potential to create elegant and feminine products. I believe in beauty, femininity, elegance and style. I trust in strong teams, and the power and strength of women. Together we can create a change in the beauty business and a new era for work conditions for all women around the world. Be the change you want to see in the world! That’s what I was taught!


Entrepreneur is not a job title. It is a state of mind of people who want to alter the future.
- Guy Kawasaki.